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Scott Mahon
March 27, 2017 | Scott Mahon

Our Fiddletown Vineyard

 I usually make a joke about how much work it is (and it is) and move on.  It's not that I'm not extremely proud of the vineyards and grape quality that we use (I am,) it's just that the real answer is quite long, and I'm long winded enough in the tasting room.

So I've decided that a good use of this new blog space can be to answer that question fully and share with you how fortunate and happy I am to have found great vineyards to work with us.

Part one, the estate in Fiddletown

That makes it sound kind of fancy doesn't it.  I say "estate" and I call to mind the gentle hills of Napa or Sonoma, all perfectly manacured by a permanent crew of laborers and surrounded by white fencing. Those that have visited here know that it's a bit more rustic.

A vineyard was part of our original plan and might one day come to fruition.  Megan and I spent over six months looking at available properties in the sierra foothills.   Some had existing vineyards, some great land potential, some were so steep and rugged that a vineyard would be impossible.   Some of these are vineyards that we currently get grapes from. 

In the end, we selected our Fiddletown site for a number of reasons.  1. It had a house in which we could have a kid (a few years later) and guests.  2. It had a barn that we viewed as a potential winery (you really had to squint for that.)  and  3. Out of 10 acres it had 5+ plantable, south facing, acres in the Fiddletown AVA.  

We’ve slowly worked on the house, kid room included.

We converted that barn into our winery and it’s worked quite well for 8 years now.

The vineyard acreage, however, has belonged to our six horned friends.

Next week:  The hooved vineyard crew.


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